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559.231.5366 | 559.231.5366

Walk-ins also accepted:


At Todos Para La Salud Clinic

We  are dedicated  to  our  patients  and  their  families in  an  ever-changing  world  of  healthcare. As the most versatile primary-care medical clinic for residents in and around Fresno County, we provide a comprehensive range of services that enable a father or mother to be in the best shape possible for those they care about. Fresno, being the fifth-largest city in California, creates a challenge for Todos to service the many working families in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and supporting water infrastructure.

With a wide range of health risks, occupational hazards, and affordability of care, Todos has firmly planted its feet to to further our mission.

 Our Staff

Our staff will do the best to help you in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we will be here for you. We want you to feel in charge of your own health, your own future. Our seasoned healthcare professionals can help educate you on being an integral part of your own personal healthcare. Todos is led by a group of expert staff and caring individuals.

Dolores Muradyan
Ara Soghomonian
Chief Medical Officer
Vera Bemik
Nurse Practitioner
Elizabeth Fernberg
Nurse Practitioner

Our Mission

We offer the primary care that provides  continuing  and comprehensive health  care  for  the  individuals and families across all ages, genders, and multiple health issues. Creating the best patient-provider connection is our focus, providing you with the health and resources you need to live a fulfilling life. Our work is measured by the number of patients who achieve their health goals and can continue on being the best version of themselves. We  emphasize having continuous relationships between the patient and healthcare provider, employing the best of evidence-based practices to ensure the patient has the best resources to maximize their wellness.